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Ambiguous month names in Mooré/Mossi (mos) and Setswana/Tswana (tn)
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The month name “Zĩ-likr kiuugu” is ambiguous between September and October in MediaWiki’s current Mossi (mos) translations, and the month name “Moranang” is ambiguous between March and April in the current Tswana (tn) translations:

$ git grep -e 'Zĩ-likr kiuugu' -e Moranang
languages/i18n/mos.json:	"october": "Zĩ-likr kiuugu",
languages/i18n/mos.json:	"october-gen": "Zĩ-likr kiuugu",
languages/i18n/mos.json:	"sep": "Zĩ-likr kiuugu",
languages/i18n/mos.json:	"oct": "Zĩ-likr kiuugu",
languages/i18n/nso.json:	"april": "Moranang",
languages/i18n/nso.json:	"april-gen": "Moranang",
languages/i18n/nso.json:	"apr": "Moranang",
languages/i18n/tn.json:	"april": "Moranang",
languages/i18n/tn.json:	"april-gen": "Moranang",
languages/i18n/tn.json:	"mar": "Moranang",

One consequence of this is that dates may be confused in Wikidata: with a Mossi user interface, a date that was originally entered as 2023-10-01 may be displayed as “1 Zĩ-likr kiuugu 2023”; when edited again, this same string may now be parsed as 2023-09-01. (Because only sep but not september is affected, that date is then displayed at “1 Bõn-biuungo kiuugu 2023”, but users may not notice the difference before saving their edit.) I made this edit by only adding and then removing again a space at the end of the text input.

Out of the editors of MediaWiki:sep/mos, MediaWiki:oct/mos, MediaWiki:mar/tn and MediaWiki:april/tn on, I can only see a Phabricator account for @RebelAgent; I’ll contact the others on their talk pages.

Event Timeline

Mossi is fixed (good), but Tswana is still open AFAICT.

I just saw this and reviewed April and March in Tswana i found out that there was a mistake in translation MediaWiki:mar/tn I hope the problem is now fixed.

Pppery assigned this task to RebelAgent.

@Pppery I was still waiting for the translatewiki export (which hasn’t happened yet) before closing the task.

(FWIW, the translatewiki export has happened now, and the git grep command from the task description looks good. As far as I’m concerned this is done now.)