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poolcounter-exporter upgrade
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While investigating T309182: Evaluate 'pint' for Prometheus alerts pint flagged a problem with poolcounter alerts:

pint_problem{filename="/srv/alerts/ops/team-sre_poolcounter.yaml", instance="localhost:9123", job="pint", kind="alerting", name="PoolcounterFullQueues", problem="rate() should only be used with counters but "poolcounter_full_queues" is a gauge according to metrics metadata from prometheus "ops" at", prometheus="ops", reporter="promql/rate", severity="bug", site="codfw"}

And indeed poolcounter_full_queues in our deployment is a gauge now, it was turned into a counter here:

Updating our version of poolcounter-prometheus-exporter will fix the problem, cc @akosiaris what do you think ?