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No warning is shown when previewing a "sanitized-css" page containing unsupported CSS
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Follow-up to T217722.

How to reproduce:

  • Start editing a page that has "sanitized-css" content model (example of page).
  • Add some unsupported CSS (for example :is(.foobar) selector).
  • Do "Show preview" or "Show changes".

Expected: A warning is supposed to be shown, pointing out the unsupported CSS. (The warning from the right picture of T266157#7450639, below the preview note.)

Current: No warning is shown.

(Though, when doing "Publish changes", the publishing is prevented and a warning pointing out the unsupported CSS is shown, as expected.)

What I tried, without success:

  • Setting the interface language to English, to avoid using the custom MediaWiki:Previewnote.
  • Disabling the Live preview feature ("Show preview without reloading the page").

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Tgr subscribed.

This worked in the past (also with live preview, that was T190120).

I can see a preview warning for invalid JSON, so the error seems specific to TemplateStyles.