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Create a #wmcs-superset tag
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Name: wmcs-superset

Type of project: Component

Description: Superset instance to explore wiki replicas.

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@rook: Sure. Please see and use the template link under "Request a single project" to provide all required information.

Thanks. currently talks about "Wikimedia's Superset instance(s)." What should that be changed to, so users can find the right project tag?

@Aklapper has a disambiguation on it, if that helps. Simply put Data Engineering runs a restricted superset instance;, while WMCS has launched a public instance at The existing tags and documentation only spoke about Data Engineering's restricted instance. With the addition of the public instance, we need to keep them separate and clear. I might update the existing project to say something like

Design, implementation and maintenance of the NDA restricted Wikimedia Superset instance(s), administrated by Data Engineering....

It's possible you may wish to force both tags to have prefixes or suffices on them. And updating the tags to have public and NDA/restricted prefixes/suffices might make more sense in the longterm rather than attaching to a specific team name or prefix.

So something like

superset-nda (convert existing tag to this)

Aklapper claimed this task.

Thanks. I have updated Data Engineering's accordingly and decided to differentiate by URL name (as that does not require knowledge of some organization's internal teams).

Requested public project has been created:

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