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Google OCR not working
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Every time I try to use Google OCR today, either from the Wikisource transcription pages or from the Wikimkedia OCR site I get a message that says "The Google service returned an error: We can not access the URL currently. Please download the content and pass it in.". There is no error code. I have performed the tasks suggested to make sure that it is not an error on my end, cleared my computer cache and rebooted my router and computer, but the problem remains.

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@AlwynapHuw: Thanks for reporting this. For future reference, please use the bug report form (linked from the top of the task creation page) to create a bug report, and fill in the sections in the template. Thanks.

Unfortunately this Wikimedia Phabricator task lacks some information.
If you have time and can still reproduce the situation: Please add a more complete description to this task. That should be

  • a clear and complete list of exact steps to reproduce the situation, step by step, so that nobody needs to guess or interpret how you performed each step,
  • what happens after performing these steps to reproduce,
  • what you expected to happen instead,
  • a full link to a web address where the issue can be seen.

You can edit the task description by clicking Edit Task. Ideally, a good description should allow any other person to follow these steps (without having to interpret steps) and see the same results. Problems that others can reproduce can get fixed faster. Thanks again.

@AlwynapHuw Could you please try the workaround of clicking on 'Advanced Options' and a) seeing if the OCR works via that form for the full page; and b) try cropping to some part of the page (could still include the full text) and see if that works? Thanks!

Whatever was causing the problem yesterday, it now seems to have been resolved, with Google OCR now working again

Thanks for your help