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Building Android apps for our sister projects
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Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
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Looks like the comment got lost. Tracker bug to get us to think about what other projects content could look like in their own apps. Splitting out from 31579

Well, what priority would this be?

Refactoring the current app makes more sense. Then we'd have to scope what this would looks like ..

Now that the refactoring is complete, I tried 'converting' the app to Wiktionary. With a 2 line patch, I now have a working Wiktionary app with all the current app features mostly working. Should be as easy for any MobileFrontend enabled wiki.

How exactly are we going to go about this? Combine all of 'em into one app? Have different builds for different apps? Special purpose apps that surface it differently than how we currently do it?

philinje wrote:

I think it is useful to combine them in one app, with somewhat different menu related to the content, a la "Wikipedia menu."

Me and Tpt worked at Wikimania to try make the Wikipedia app work for Wikisource. Thanks to refactoring from a long time ago + work done with pfhayes on porting the app to Wiktionary, we were able to complete the port in about 45 minutes! The code is at and builds are available at I expect this to be faster for other sister projects moving forward.

I'd like to put them up on Google Play :)

(In reply to comment #5)

I think it is useful to combine them in one app, with somewhat different menu
related to the content, a la "Wikipedia menu."

If we want this then we would need designs about how to combine navigation across all included projects. There are some apps that already do this and we should learn from them. I'd want to see a lot of thought about how we would combine all projects and how users would move in and out of them.

No need to move on this now.

Combining them in one app is an ambitious undertaking that I don't think we can even think about int he near / mid future. But what I want is to be able to let people download Wikisource/Wikibooks/etc apps on their mobile, just like the Wikipedia app - from the official source. That's so much more simpler and requires much lesser work on our part - just need icons.

Resolving as this is too high level of a ticket to be actionable.

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