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Make sure revision queries JOIN on page in most places
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Per, we want to move away from using the archive table. One thing that can be done right now to prep for that is to make sure revision queries join on rev_page=page_id to make sure the revisions returned are live (unless the caller doesn't care if they are orphaned).

A future deletion schema will involve moving page rows to an archived_page table. Revisions not belonging to a 'page' row would be "deleted". Many places already JOIN on page, which works out nicely.

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Core code looks OK as of r101030.

It's OK to have:

  • JOIN rev_page=rev_id
  • WHERE rev_page = <some ID from a live title)
  • WHERE rev_id=page_latest

sumanah wrote:

We still need to cover extensions.

sumanah wrote:

Adding Yuvi to this bug since he said he'd take a look at this.

I may be better in most cases to do a LinkBatch query (e.g. Pager::doBatchLookups) rather than a JOIN in most places.