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cloudlb: figure out plans for eqiad1
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There were many lessons learned from the cloudlb POC on codfw.

Let's figure out what the plan would be for eqiad1.

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initial estimation of the plan:

  • Procure hardware and rack it as required
  • Validate switch port availability, connectivity between switch units, racks, rows, etc
  • Validate cloud-private network CIDR allocation and setup.
  • Validate domain setup.
  • Prepare cloudlb servers
  • Check and double check BGP, routing, etc
  • Rebuild first cloudcontrol box into the new setup
  • Rebuild first cloudservices box into the new setup
  • Verify a minimal control plane is working with the two servers above.
  • Add cloud-private to all servers (namely, cloudnet and friends)
  • Rebuild other cloudservices boxes into the new setup
  • Rebuild other cloudcontrol boxes into the new setup
  • Cleanup

This plan is good for now.