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Google Chrome prevents me from seeing the page view info
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Author: gmeijssen

when I use http or https Chrome prevents me from using the page view info


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It seems to show the page info just fine -- you have a screen shot of it on your blog -- so I'm not sure what exactly the issue is.

The mixed-mode content warning is probably due to loading some CSS images or JS scripts offsite without using the correct protocol-independent URLs; other browsers similarly show either subtle or ugly hints about that complaint as well, depending on their configuration.

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Even more invasive complaint from Firefox when it's configured that way


Screenshot_at_2011-11-01_14:14:29.png (375×1 px, 87 KB)

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Less invasive default behavior of IE 9

IE 9 by default disables any content loaded insecurely on an HTTPS page, and shows a nudgy complaint bar at the bottom of the page. Not bad, actually!


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This should be cleared up now, I've fixed the loading of a few scripts so they
load over SSL now:

Wrong place to ask, but could this be done on all our wikis by some steward/sysadmin/global editinterface? Running a bot over all MediaWiki namespaces with some stupid replacements (such as ) should suffice in most cases and avoid a lot of head scratching especially on small wikis.

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