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Remove Invitation code references in sign-up
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As a new user, when I sign up to Wikibase Cloud, I don't need the invite code or see any references to it.


  • Users sign up without the need of an invitation code.

In the sign up form, remove:

  • Text: " is in a closed beta. If you'd like to receive an invite code, sign up for early access."
  • First field asking for the invite code

On the homepage, replace the text with what's mentioned in my comment on this ticket.


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@Evelien_WMDE should the text on the main page change too?
Currently it reads:

Coming soon is in a closed beta. If you're interested in a instance, sign up for early access here. While you wait, consider joining the Wikibase community mailing list.

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To finish this up we need to deploy and test T335769

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@Deniz_WMDE yeah thanks for flagging that!

Can you replace the homepage content with:

Header: Your own Wikibase in five minutes

Try out Wikibase easily and quickly, or host your Wikibase with no need for your own infrastructure. Wikibase Cloud offers a complete install of Wikibase and its services within a few minutes of signup.

In a nutshell, Wikibase transforms data into meaningful knowledge. It offers a collaborative space for individuals and groups to contribute, edit, and curate information in a structured way. So, whether you're an archivist, a researcher, a business owner or the author of another data-rich project, Wikibase opens the doors to efficient data management, sharing, and discovery, all while fostering collaboration in a user-friendly environment.

And keep the "Still have questions?" part the same.
Many dankes

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removed you @Deniz_WMDE because the recaptcha ticket was deployed on staging so I moved this to review

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