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user rename not completed (ru.wikipedia User:Analitic114 to User:Murza-Zade)
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Author: wanderer_ru_wiki

I am 'crat of ru.wikipedia and I have renamed one user Analitic114Служебная:Log&type=renameuser&user=Wanderer&page=Участник:Analitic114&year=&month=-1&tagfilter=

But not all contributions were moved to new account "Murza-Zade", some of them
still belong to old account "Analitic114". Is it
possible to merge all contributions to new account?

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Readding "Bug 29757" as a blocker for this bug, That is a tracking bug relating to these issues (Incomplete user renamings).

move done, please check that everything looks good.

wanderer_ru_wiki wrote:

There was [Обсуждение_участника:Wanderer&diff=prev&oldid=38928004 one diff] made at "gray period". But it seems to have reconciled. Thank you.

Ok, closing it out.