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Android saved articles were not available offline
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I resolved this on my phone so feel free to close this issue, though whatever bug caused this probably still exists and it was frustrating trying to find the specific solution. If this happens frequently perhaps more troubleshooting info could be added to this MediaWiki page?

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a saved article list in the Wikipedia app (Android, Pixel 7a)
  2. Activate "save all for offline" or save individual articles
  3. Turn off wifi/mobile data or start airplane mode
  4. Tap on a saved article to open

App listed 926.34 MB of storage used for saved articles and app storage is 1 GB, so the articles were seemingly being downloaded.

Expected results

Article is readable when offline

Actual results

App attempts to use internet and fails to load article (screenshot)

Environments observed

App version: 2.7.50447-r-2023-06-28
Android OS versions: 13
Device model: Pixel 7a
Device language: English


  • Not solution: restart phone
  • Not solution: articles removed from offline storage and re-added
  • Not solution: uninstall and reinstall app (was surprised this one didn't work!)
  • Solution: in the app info under storage, delete all user data. Then in the app reactivate "save all for offline."

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