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Users/UserAgents that use ORES
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As a member of the ML team,
I want to gather in a table all the user agents that have been making requests in the last 2 months, so that we can assist them in migrating to Lift Wing.
Additionally I would like to know if they are making a request that is not supported by ores-legacy (requesting thresholds via model_info, inject keyword, requesting too many revisions etc).

User agentendpoint not available in ores-legacy

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The following bots/User agents are actively using ORES

There are also the ones that we have already contacted and are discussing:

Forgot to mention but I contacted the Wikiedu folks, they are available to migrate and I'd need to schedule a quick chat with them next week to explain what is needed to be done.

The SWViewer bot is using Language Agnostic instead of goodfaith/damaging, first bot running on Lift wing!!

I have created subtasks (the task descriptions haven't been filled yet). Our effort should focus on opening issues/contacting bot owners. In the case where it seems like a reasonable effort we should open a pull request or give an code sample of how a liftwing request would be made.

Finnish Wikipedia's SeulojaBot uses Ores for reviews. (review log). Author is me so this is just for adding it to the list.

Finnish Wikipedias VakauttajaBot by 4shadow uses ORES for stabilizating the pages for short pediod of time if the edit is likely vandalism.

Thank you @Zache for your response! I have created separate tickets for these, we can continue the discussion there.