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Link to in extension description should be protocol-relative
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At the moment all links in [[Special:Version]] have a hardcoded http: as protocol. This should be changed for every extension.

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reachouttothetruth wrote:

A number of extensions try to keep compatibility with previous versions of MediaWiki, so those would either have to be left alone or have more backward compatibility code added (fun!).

Created attachment 9505
Proposed patch

I created a patch for Special:Version to remove the protocol there, so it doesn't break backward compatibility.


That really looks like a hack. The link on Special:Version itself (the one built in to SpecialVersion.php) should of course be tweaked. But I don't think we should hack in something like that to remove http: from MediaWiki installs (the majority of which are in fact still http anyways and don't get any advantage).

It's probably better to just wait till 1.17 becomes obsolete and extensions start dropping compat.

I changed the simple link to in r104339 (found this bug after committing).

Should migrate toward using https: URLs everywhere here; no need to be protocol-relative.

r106140 sets the MediaWiki & viewvc links to https.

r106136 updates 562 extensions to specify https: urls instead of http: for their Special:Version links to*