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Create conversion metrics
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We want to reduce the abandonment rate of our Wikibases (empty+deleted total to 50% of our user base), and understand why this is happening, and thus want to monitor:

Weekly report to Wikibase Cloud team (To find if there are any patterns and see if we should reach out to anyone):

  • Average time to engage (Wiki created -> First action (action=any data created))
  • When do people abandon their Wikibase? Abandon=more than 90 days inactivity. What was the average activity before that? E.g. I created a Wiki, played with it for 1 week, then abandoned it. 90 days later we observe my abandonment of my Wiki. We register the abandon time = 1 week.
  • Average number of active editors per Wiki-> As to understand how community oriented these are and if it's individuals managing/testing things. Active editor=performed an action in the last 30 days)

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Note from refinement: Make it a Public API
UPDATE: Ignore - we've decided to make it a report instead of part of the dashboard. Making this kind of data public will be addressed separately.

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Fring subscribed. is now deployed which means all wikis will have a first_edited and last_edited property in their WikiLifeCycleEvents. In case such a value is null, it means it has never been edited.

We're imagining that a new endpoint will return something like a CSV; and optionally a JSON representation. That looks like this below:


Note from a chat:
PM would love to have both the calculated stats as well as the raw data

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