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Link to toggle TOC is missing in IE 8
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Since yesterday the link to toggle the table of contents is missing in Internet Explorer 8. No Javascript errors are shown, but I can confirm in IE's console that

$('<a href="#">').lenght === 0


$('<a href="#" />').lenght === 1

So for some reason the link is not created any more by the code in mediawiki.util.js.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: major



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In current trunk, mediawiki.util.js's TOC setup has:

$tocToggleLink = $( '<a href="#" class="internal" id="togglelink"></a>' )

which should be fine.

1.18 has it without the close tag:

$tocToggleLink = $( '<a href="#" class="internal" id="togglelink">' )

r93364 fixed it on trunk with other misc code cleanup. Will backport that and any other breaking things.

Backported as r103961 on REL1_18 and r103962 on 1.18wmf1.

Created attachment 9527
Confirmed fix!

Before deployment of the revision above, the link was missing on this page as viewed in IE 8 / WinXP. Now shows!


Screenshot_at_2011-11-22_13:55:59.png (766×766 px, 111 KB)