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App opens Google Play Store after logging out of Google account
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After last update of "Wikipedia" application in my phone I found the problem. Currently when I try to open this application, it starts try to open "Google Play" application (unsuccessfully, because after every update I exit from my "Google" account). Please, explain the reason of this process.

Device which I'm using is "Realme 6 Pro RMX 2063". The Android OS version is 11. Wikipedia app version is
2.7.50450-r-2023-08-15. Please find screenshots in the attachment:

  1. Screen of Wikipedia App in Google Play market.
  2. List of installed applications in my phone (you can see Wikipedia).
  3. Screen of Wikipedia app in my phone (so far it works).
  4. Screen of active accounts in my phone (so far Google account is active).
  5. The second screen of active accounts in my phone (I already exited from Google account).
  6. Last screen: I clicked on the Wikipedia app icon and saw Google Play market start window instead Wikipedia.

Unfortunately I don't know how to record video from my screen.
I hope that this description will help to understand the problem.

Screenshot_2023-09-04-22-50-55-36_b5a5c5cb02ca09c784c5d88160e2ec24.jpg (2×1 px, 536 KB)

Screenshot_2023-09-04-22-51-26-30_92b64b2a7aa6eb3771ed6e18d0029815.jpg (2×1 px, 493 KB)

Screenshot_2023-09-04-22-52-04-17_173823495e561b2cdc2de22ac640109c.jpg (2×1 px, 428 KB)

Screenshot_2023-09-04-22-53-36-59_fc704e6b13c4fb26bf5e411f75da84f2.jpg (2×1 px, 227 KB)

Screenshot_2023-09-04-22-54-01-98_fc704e6b13c4fb26bf5e411f75da84f2.jpg (2×1 px, 225 KB)

Screenshot_2023-09-04-22-54-23-81_b5a5c5cb02ca09c784c5d88160e2ec24.jpg (2×1 px, 126 KB)

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In the Play Store console we had "Automatic Integrity Protection" enabled, which was forcing it to verify whether the app was installed from the Play Store. When the user logs out of their Google account, it's no longer able to perform the verification.
This has now been disabled, and should no longer be an issue.

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