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GitLab Runners in WMCS are offline
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GitLab Runners in WMCS are showing as offline in the GitLab UI and are also unreachable via SSH. Timing indicates that this is related to T342621: eqiad1: cloudlb: transition DNS clients (VMs) to the new BGP-based recursor VIP.

Firewall rules have been updated in but application on the hosts is failing.

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Change 956784 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jelto; author: Jelto):

[operations/puppet@production] gitlab_runner: change docker_subnet in WMCS

Change 956784 merged by Jelto:

[operations/puppet@production] gitlab_runner: change docker_subnet in WMCS

I hadn't realised we had a potential clash here. Unsure exactly what the answer is.

Assuming the affected machines running docker containers are VMs on you can potentially add a work-around to improve the situation until Jelto's above patch is rolled out / working everywhere, by adding static routes for the unreachable IPs via the gateway, i.e.

ip route add via

The more-specific mask on that route would take precedence over the range assigned to the local docker0 bridge and traffic should get to the affected (non-docker) hosts using 172.20.x.x addressing.

aborrero claimed this task.

Solved with:

user@laptop:~$ ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no "ip route delete ; run-puppet-agent"

on the bunch of affected hosts.

Thanks @aborrero for fixing all WMCS runners!

Additional to the workaround it was necessary to delete and re-create the gitlab-runner docker network. The following command was used:

systemctl stop docker-resource-monitor.service ; systemctl stop buildkitd.service ; docker network rm gitlab-runner ; run-puppet-agent

The network looks good an all WMCS runners now:

docker network inspect gitlab-runner