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Clean up Cloud VPS doc content and sequence for account / project / instance setup and access
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Help:Cloud_VPS_Instances duplicates some of the information on Help:Accessing_Cloud_VPS_instances and Help:Cloud_VPS_user_roles_and_rights.

To improve these docs, there should be a clearer sequence that flows from the introductory docs to the more specific ones. I believe the sequence is:

  1. Create basic accounts / developer account
  2. Request or join a Cloud VPS project
  3. Create instances
  4. Manage instances

Content about creating basic accounts shouldn't show up on pages where that step would've had to happen multiple steps beforehand. So, Help:Accessing_Cloud_VPS_instances shouldn't have information about creating a developer account, since that step must be completed before even joining or creating a Cloud VPS project. Creating a developer account should be covered in Help:Cloud_VPS_project or Help:Cloud_VPS_user_roles_and_rights(but not both). Or, maybe creating a developer account is sufficiently covered on Help:Cloud_VPS and doesn't need to be mentioned again on Help:Cloud_VPS_project.

Whichever doc is the first doc someone should read when they are initially getting set up to use Cloud VPS should: