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Implement $i18n in UV
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As part of our effort to reduce our bundle size (see T348406, T348405), we will switch to using the in-built i18n that comes with MediaWiki Vue.

  • restructure i18n loading to support mw.message format
  • convert i18next files to mw.message format
  • load i18n files based on config
  • replace all calls to i18next with $i18n


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Draft: Use $.i18n instead of i18next (T348470)repos/10nm/ultraviolet!7sportzwork/sportz/T348470dev
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Should we rename this task, @Sportzpikachu? Considering we only really have one choice for internationalization (per T348406).

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Some problems with mw.Message and its Vue plugin:

  • Doesn't seem to have bidi support by default (provided by mw.jqueryMsg module)
  • No locale key loading - no fallbacks, etc
    • only way to switch locale is by overriding keys
  • No reactivity with message keys
    • Keys must be loaded before any UI is mounted (i.e., configuration must be loaded and user-defined locale must be loaded before UI mount)
    • Locale switching does not affect UI and requires a reload

One approach we might be able to take is to bundle banana-i18n for now until it arrives in ResourceLoader (see T352618). This allows us to use vue-banana-i18n as well, which allows for reactive message rendering that updates with global locale changes.