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Default to not invalidating translations when only tvars are changed
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This is something that has bitten me several times. I make a change to a unit that only affect content inside <tvar> tags, and then don't realize I need to tick "do not invalidate translations" when marking it for translation and have to manually unfuzzy stuff. Situations in which a change to a tvar should invalidate translations seem rare enough that it would be better for the "Do not invalidate translations" tickbox to default to checked in those cases.

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Aklapper renamed this task from Default to not invalidating transltions when only tvars are changed to Default to not invalidating translations when only tvars are changed.Oct 27 2023, 8:25 AM
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Implementation note: compare the result of TranslationUnit::getTextWithVariables() and a similar method for $oldText. This would also work when the tvar syntax is upgraded (from <tvar|1></> to <tvar name="1"></tvar>). TranslationUnit::$type should remain to be changed, because it should still be possible to fuzzy these translations.