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Create Data Platform landing page(s)
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Craft Landing Page content for Data Platform tech docs; related information architecture work will should support defining how this page will link to landing pages for platform components and related topics.

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TBurmeister changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Nov 15 2023, 6:11 PM
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Status update: landing page draft is in progress at

We're taking an iterative approach of putting the entire information structure on the landing page for now, and once we have all the content in wikitext with links we'll move to the next step of creating or revising landing pages and collection nav menus for each of the subcollections.

Status update:

Status update for the week:

  • Working on drafting "Publish data" landing page (T361494)
  • Reviewing and updating content audit spreadsheet (Google sheet) to align with the current landing page / sub-collection structure, and identify groupings of pages that haven't yet been aligned with one of the buckets.

Status update for the week:

  • Got feedback and completed multiple iterations on the "Publish data" landing page (T361494)
  • Started work on the final draft of "Collect data" landing page (T361496)

The feedback cycle for all 4 landing pages has concluded. I'm waiting for a go/no-go decision from the team about:

  1. Whether we can eliminate the Collect Data page and just link to the Metrics Platform page from the Data Platform main landing page
  2. Whether it's okay to move forward with publishing the pages in the mainspace even though there are still open TODOs and links to in-progress pages related to the ongoing data governance and lifecycle work, especially on the Publish data landing page.

I've requested a decision about those two items by tomorrow, May 24, in order to keep this work on schedule and give me enough time for implementation.