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decommission db1130.eqiad.wmnet
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This task will track the decommission-hardware of server db1130.eqiad.wmnet. T350458

With the launch of updates to the decom cookbook, the majority of these steps can be handled by the service owners directly. The DC Ops team only gets involved once the system has been fully removed from service and powered down by the decommission cookbook.


Steps for service owner:

  • - all system services confirmed offline from production use
  • - set all icinga checks to maint mode/disabled while reclaim/decommmission takes place. (likely done by script)
  • - remove system from all lvs/pybal active configuration
  • - any service group puppet/hiera/dsh config removed
  • - remove site.pp, replace with role(spare::system) recommended to ensure services offline but not 100% required as long as the decom script is IMMEDIATELY run below.
  • - login to cumin host and run the decom cookbook: cookbook sre.hosts.decommission <host fqdn> -t <phab task>. This does: bootloader wipe, host power down, netbox update to decommissioning status, puppet node clean, puppet node deactivate, debmonitor removal, and run homer.
  • - remove all remaining puppet references and all host entries in the puppet repo
  • - reassign task from service owner to no owner and ensure the site project (ops-sitename depending on site of server) is assigned.

End service owner steps / Begin DC-Ops team steps:

  • - system disks removed (by onsite)
  • - determine system age, under 5 years are reclaimed to spare, over 5 years are decommissioned.
  • - IF DECOM: system unracked and decommissioned (by onsite), update netbox with result and set state to offline
  • - IF DECOM: mgmt dns entries removed.

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note: this server has to be handled w/ care as it's a former master candidate and still has a binlogformat set on STATEMENT

Change 974627 had a related patch set uploaded (by Arnaudb; author: Arnaudb):

[operations/puppet@production] mariadb: decommission db1130

Change 974627 merged by Arnaudb:

[operations/puppet@production] mariadb: decommission db1130

cookbooks.sre.hosts.decommission executed by arnaudb@cumin1001 for hosts: db1130.eqiad.wmnet

  • db1130.eqiad.wmnet (PASS)
    • Downtimed host on Icinga/Alertmanager
    • Found physical host
    • Downtimed management interface on Alertmanager
    • Wiped all swraid, partition-table and filesystem signatures
    • Powered off
    • [Netbox] Set status to Decommissioning, deleted all non-mgmt IPs, updated switch interfaces (disabled, removed vlans, etc)
    • Configured the linked switch interface(s)
    • Removed from DebMonitor
    • Removed from Puppet master and PuppetDB
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