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Reading List REST Interface: POST lists/{id}/entries endpoint
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NOTE: Although this endpoint is deprecated, it is still being called. We therefore need to create a REST implementation for it, including the deprecated "id" value in the response

Create a REST handler and any other necessary associated code (extension.json entry, helper classes, etc.) for the POST lists/{id}/entries endpoint.

  • endpoint implemented
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Endpoint summary:
Create a new list entry.

Endpoint description:
Creates a new list entry in the given list. On conflict, does nothing and returns the data of an existing list.
The list must belong to the current user and the request must be authenticated with a MediaWiki session cookie.
Stability: unstable
This endpoint is deprecated and might be removed without warning. Use the batch version instead.

Associated RESTBase code
lists.yaml (spec+forwarding)
lists.js (tests)

Associated Action API code


namesourcerequiredtypeexampledefaultpossible valuesdescription
csrf_tokenqueryyesstringf63c343876da566045e6b59c4532450559c828d3+\\N/AN/AThe CRSF edit token provided by the MediaWiki API

Request Body:

Error Response

#/components/schemas/problem per and draft-nottingham-http-problem

Success Response

idintegerList entry ID. Deprecated, will be removed. Use the full entry object instead.
entryobject of list_entry_read

Response Headers

This endpoints has additional response headers specified in the RESTBase code:

  content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8

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[mediawiki/extensions/ReadingLists@master] REST Handlers for managing reading lists entries

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[mediawiki/extensions/ReadingLists@master] REST Handlers for managing reading lists entries

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