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No 2023-11-14 Fundraise Up donations in Civi
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I don't see any donations with trxn_id starting FUNDRAISEUP from yesterday (2023-11-14) in Civi.

The FRU dashboard deliveries page claims that export_donations_2023-11-14_00-00_2023-11-14_23-59.csv with 345 rows was sent successfully at Nov 15, 2023, 12:00 AM. So was there perhaps an issue importing on our side?

Somewhat urgent as this is blocking us from getting test results for the ongoing Portal test.

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Import of 2023-11-15 seems to have worked, but we're still missing 2023-11-14

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Adding to chaos!

Hi @Pcoombe thanks for bringing this up, Fundraiseup confirmed that they had an issue on their end that led to the sending of the export with a different template. We resolved the issue and reimported the transactions and they can be found here.