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Activation of Special:Import and mw:Extension:GoogleNewsSitemap in portugues wikinews
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Please, activate Special:Import in portugues wikinews ( from the following wikis :

  1. w, wikt, s, v, b, q, meta, commons
  2. it, fr, ca, en, es, de

Create, too, the Transwiki and Tranwiki namespaces in the same project.

Can you activate Extension:GoogleNewsSitemap, too ?

See the following discussion :ícias:Redação/Ativação_da_página_especial_Special:Import_(12/12/2011)

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Can you activate now [[Special:Import]] and Transwiki namespace now. Thank's very much.

GoogleNewsSitemap enabled

What names do you want for the Transwiki (and talk) namespace?

Following names :

  • Transwiki
  • Transwiki Discussão

Also, what do you mean "the Transwiki"?

You currently have an Importers and a Transwiki importer groups, the issue is, no one is allowed to add/remove those groups

All admins can import (if sources were enabled) from other wikis

Transwiki is just a namespace reserved for imported page from others wikis. It exists en french wikinews, catalan wikinews. This namespace is very usefull, it prevents overwriting existing pages on target wiki.

Do you understand me?

That we want : Add the following namespace in InitialiseSettings.php:
in the wgExtraNamespaces' => array(

'ptwikinews' => array(

104 => 'Transwiki',
105 => 'Transwiki_Discussão',

for activing [[Special:Import]]

'wgImportSources' => array(

'ptwikinews' => array( 'w', 'wikt', 's', 'v', 'b', 'q', 'meta', 'commons', 'it', 'fr', 'ca', 'en', 'es', 'de', ),

Do you understand?

The issue was with:

(In reply to comment #0)

Create, too, the Transwiki and Tranwiki namespaces in the same project.