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Setting to disable PediaPress integration?
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While I think a vast majority of wikis using the Collections extension want PediaPress integration, it has been pointed out ( that its integration presents a legal problem for some wikis that would like to utilize the other features of the Collections extension.
Any chance of adding a setting to disable PediaPress integration?

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Created attachment 10227
Proposed patch for hiding "Print with PediaPress"

While I think that the best solution would be a configuration variable, I have attached a patch which works around this issue hiding the box "Print with PediaPress" (i.e. make it not appear in Special:Book).



Mini-review: We should really do this properly with a configuration variable compared to a css hiding due to the concerns linked to c0.

ralf_wikimedia wrote:

my children need something to eat! we can't turn that off.

seriously, I'd like a way to configure the mPODPartners and turn the functionality off, if mPODPartners is empty.

side note: please provide patches in unified diff format.

Working on it. The code isn't really ready for multiple $this->mPODPartners. Do you mind if I commit my change to SVN trunk for review when done?

ralf_wikimedia wrote:

Isn't that a bit late for *review*?

Bit I'm no code review nazi, so feel free to go ahead.

Fixed in r113740.

Now you can do:

$wgCollectionPODPartners["mojapress"] = array(

'url' => '',
'posturl' => '',

$wgCollectionPODPartners["trzeciapress"] = array(

'url' => '',
'posturl' => '',
'infopagetitle' => 'coll-trzeciapress_article'


or, if you really don't want it:

$wgCollectionPODPartners = false;

in your LocalSettings.php

ralf_wikimedia wrote:

Thanks Marcin.