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Request to add STran to WMF-NDA group
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👋 I'm a staff member and part of the Trust and Safety Product team. While working on I needed access to an NDA protected ticket,, and had to be manually added. It would be nice to have this access in advance in the future.

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As @STran I approve this request. Tran is already part of the WMF LDAP group but doesn't currently have access to the NDA policy group on Phab.

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Done. @STran has been added to the WMF-NDA group here in Phabricator ( Confirmed existing LDAP membership in "wmf" group and phab user is linked to LDAP.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2024-02-29T21:57:27Z] <mutante> phabricator - added STran to WMF-NDA (group 61) - T355388