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Author: lorddarkknight3

First and foremost I apologize if this is not the correct location to be reporting this, but says to report here any "Categories we want disabled". Additionally when I brought this up on the Mediawiki talk page for the babel extension I was directed here.

I'm having a problem with this bot re-creating a category I salted, at

I'm not sure why this bot should have administrative capability of being able to recreate creation protected pages. Presumably if a page is creation protected, this bot should not be going in and recreating it.

In any case, this CfD:

concluded that all the simple categories should be merged with the parent category. Therefore:


Should be disabled from being created. At the time of the CfD User_simple-5 had not been created so it wasn't included, but there's no logical reason to allow that one either, so please disable that as well.

Furthermore, I noticed this bot also recreated the previously deleted User bat-smg series of categories. This was originally deleted here:

and later re-deleted here:

While those debates only included Category:User bat-smg and Category:User bat-smg-3 (the only two existing at the time), again there would be no logical reason, based on the discussions, to exclude Category:User bat-smg-1, Category:User bat-smg-2, Category:User bat-smg-4, Category:User bat-smg-5, and Category:User bat-smg-N as well.

Therefore, please disable both of these categories trees from being created. Ideally this bot should not have the permissions to recreate salted categories so someone wouldn't have to file a bug report each time a babel user category is deleted (admittedly rare, but as above you can tell it happens from time to time).


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lorddarkknight3 wrote:

Oh I forgot to mention-

I think it's inappropriate for this bot to be creating ANY of these babel categories unless the category is populated. There's no reason WP:CSD#C1 should not apply to every category this is creating that ends up not having anyone in it after 4 days. Someone went and tagged the majority of the categories with the "empty category" template, basically saying it is the type of category intended to be empty on occasion so as to not delete it, but in my view that tagging was improper. These categories are not intended to be empty at any time, and I would highly recommend disabling creating any categories via this bot unless it detects the category is populated. At this point going through and deleting all the empty categories the bot created would just be extra unnecessary busywork, so I won't bother, but I wouldn't fault another admin who decided to do so. Please don't have this bot create categories that aren't populated. Thanks again!

I really don't see what this request has to do with Bugzilla. This seems like something admins on-wiki should be able to handle.

lorddarkknight3 wrote:

I agree 100%. I'm annoyed I even had to make an account here to get this dealt with. However, like I said above, I was twice directed here. If it's concluded this was a mistake, then this needs to be changed:

and these people need to be informed:


(In reply to comment #2)

I really don't see what this request has to do with Bugzilla. This seems like
something admins on-wiki should be able to handle.

The issue is, Babel is recreating Create Protected categories by the looks.

I made it not able to create protected titles in r108938. I suppose 1.19 will be branched & deployed soon, but I marked it for 1.18wmf1 merging anyway to be sure.

Ideally however, all "fake users" should be subjected to usual action restrictions, similarly to what I did in r96311 for importing pages (see bug 23057).

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