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Link blocklist / spam blacklist parses URL wrongly
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I was trying to fix a link on from to

But the spam blocklist gave me a warning and prevented me. But strangely the warning text said: " The following link has triggered a protection filter: .online/2010/12/22/why-is-it-so-difficult-to-free-india-of-manual-scavenging/ "

Notice the missing "kafila" in the hostname.

First I checked the relevant lists:

None of them contains any malformed regex (let alone itself).

So I tried with a domain that's well known -

When I entered just, the blacklist didn't get triggered. But when I modified the URL to it got triggered. That's strange because I didn't change the hostname at all. So I confirmed this is a bug with code (and not with a regex).

I then tried removing parts of the URL.

The issue doesn't exist in Malayalam wikipedia. See

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Wiki A has the issue and wiki B doesn't usually tends to point to a specific bad regex. You should probably ask on [[en:MediaWiki talk:Spam-blacklist]] to see if anyone else can figure out what's gone wrong.

I agree. It might be this line

Sorry. Thanks.

The error message threw me off.