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[Programs & Events Dashboard] Improve the training module creation and update process
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Brief summary

The training modules on Programs & Events Dashboard - - can be created, edited and translated by users. Each piece of training content is based on a corresponding page on

However, creating new modules is tedious, involving the creation of .json pages to define a new Library or Module, and a set of required formatting conventions for individual training slides. It would be nice to switch to a simpler and more user-friendly way of creating and editing training content, perhaps by removing the need for .json pages and allows the configuration of Libraries and Modules to be done from the Dashboard itself.


Large (350 hours)

Difficulty: hard

This project involves one of the more complex subsystems of the Dashboard, in which the Dashboard database gets data drawn from a set of structured wiki pages (currently), and some of that system will need to be rewritten to be updated via a UI within the Dashboard.

Skills required

  • Ruby - required
  • JavaScript and React - helpful

Possible mentor(s)



Before you get started with the Dashboard, please see

Suggested first tasks:

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Hi @Ragesoss

Thank you for sharing your project proposal. Please can you add the expected size of project it can be either: 90, 175 or 350 hours. If possible please also add, an easy, intermediate or hard/difficult rating. This helps the more inexperienced folks not get overwhelmed and they can focus on reviewing easy project ideas.

Thank you,

Hi @Ragesoss

I have added this project to our GSOC 2024 Media Wiki page:

Kindly share your project via Wikitech by replying to this thread:

I have added you to the mentor Zulip chat where you can connect with fellow mentors for ongoing support and collaboration. We recommend you have a co-mentor for every project, if you have one kindly add them to the project and they will be added to the zulip chat also.