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Complete migration of MediaWiki documentation - Project Statement of Interest
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Personal Information
Name: Esther Ibom
Available Working Hours: 30 hours per week

Professional Information
I have experience working on wikis, Meta-Wiki, and using wikitext as a past Outreachy'23 intern (December 2023 - March 2024) with the Wikimedia Foundation where I improved the documentation for the Programs and Events Dashboard. On the project, I was tasked with reviewing the existing documentation, highlighting high-priority topics, and developing content around those topics including video production (scripting, recording, video editing, & graphic design ) for some of the high-priority video topics. I am willing to learn and get familiar with MediaWiki's structure, with my experience with Meta I'll be able to navigate through the scope of this project with fewer roadblocks.
Kindly find below links to examples of my work:

Documentation on the Programs and Events Dashboard FAQ page


Project Statement: Complete migration of MediaWiki documentation

I would approach this project by going through the Meta documentation and MediaWiki documentation simultaneously to identify missing information on MediaWiki from the list of pages provided. I'll note what is missing on MediaWiki in comparison to Meta and then I'll start making the addition to MediaWiki. My next step will be to go through the list of pages Meta has and MediaWiki doesn't have and start creating the pages and re-writing the content respectively. From there I'll start reviewing the WMF-specific pages to enhance usability and devise a structure to ensure the pages are easily accessible and maintainable. Hence, reducing the duplication significantly makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for and help writers maintain the docs better.

Proposed Timeline

May 10, 2024 - June 10, 2024: (Phase1)

  • Increase familiarity with MediaWiki and conduct an in-depth review of Meta-Wiki pages listed under Project:MediaWiki_documentation_on_Meta-Wiki/List#Has_MediaWiki.org_equivalent.
  • Communicate with the mentors and project members to establish project goals and clarify expectations.
  • Compare MediaWiki pages with their Meta equivalents, identifying gaps in information and areas for improvement.
  • Begin updating pages with missing information and address any duplication issues.

June 10, 2024 - August 10, 2024: (Phase 1 & 2)

  • Continue to communicate progress and challenges with the mentor, seeking guidance and feedback as needed.
  • Continue with reviewing and updating MediaWiki pages with Meta equivalents, ensuring accuracy and completeness of documentation.
  • Continue the content migration process to
  • Start creating pages for Meta-Wiki pages listed under Project:MediaWiki_documentation_on_Meta-Wiki/List#No_MediaWiki.org_equivalent.
  • Share progress with project members, take note of feedback, and implement.

August 10, 2024 - October 29, 2024: (Phase 2 & 3)

  • Maintain regular communication with the mentors and project members to provide updates on project milestones and address any roadblocks encountered.
  • Focus on finalizing the creation of pages for Meta-Wiki pages with no existing equivalent, ensuring comprehensive coverage of content.
  • Continue the content migration process.
  • Review Meta-Wiki pages listed under Project:MediaWiki_documentation_on_Meta-Wiki/List#Actually_WMF-specific for usability, design and implement organizational improvements.
  • Conduct thorough checks to ensure documentation is easily discoverable and maintainable on both and Meta-Wiki.
  • Share updates with project members take note of feedback and implement.

October 29, 2024 - November 22, 2024: (Phase 4 - final review/publication)

  • Conduct final project evaluation with the mentors, presenting achievements and outcomes.
  • Implement feedback and make final changes to the documentation pages.
  • Document project results, present a comprehensive final report, and provide recommendations for ongoing maintenance and sustainability of documentation efforts.

Proposed Budget

Event Timeline

apaskulin moved this task from To review to Reviewed on the Google Season of Docs 2024 board.

Hi @Ibom99, Thanks for your interest in Season of Docs! I really appreciate the detail you've put into your proposal. I don't have any other feedback, so I'm going to move your proposal into the Reviewed column 🎉 We'll let you know on May 10 if we've selected your proposal.

I worked with Esther on her Outreachy project to improve the docs for Programs & Events Dashboard, and I can say with confidence that she would do a fantastic job on this project. She's really thoughtful and thorough when it comes to reviewing existing docs and identifying the right changes to make. She picked up on all the technical things necessary for working with complex wikitext pages quickly, she's self-driven when it comes to diving into code to figure out how things work, and she's great with finding the right people to ask when she needs input. Working with Esther was a pleasure, and I strongly endorse this proposal.

Hi @Ibom99, Can you update your statement of interest to include the number of hours per week that you're available to work on the project? Thanks!

Hi @apaskulin, I have updated my statement of interest to include the number of available working hours per week on this project (30 hours per week).

Hi @apaskulin, I have updated my statement of interest to include the number of available working hours per week on this project (30 hours per week).


Hi @Ibom99, Unfortunately, we haven’t selected your proposal for this year’s Season of Docs. We had so many great applications; it was a tough decision. We hope you’ll consider applying next year. If you’re interested in contributing to Wikimedia documentation as a volunteer, check out Documentation/Contribute. If you’d like more specific feedback on your proposal, feel free to send me an email at Thanks again for your interest!