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Automatically suggest categories when creating a new article
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It is often difficult to think of what categories a new article should be part of, leading to many categories being incomprehensive and many articles harder to find.

Who would benefit
Editors and readers who value categories.

Proposed solution
Add a function to the process of creating a new article which automatically suggests categories for it to be included in.

More comments
The way the suggested categories would be chosen could be for example by searching the article title in category titles, or by taking a sentence in the article that fits a generic categorizing pattern ("[article title] is/was X"), and then searching for X. Or perhaps there could be some kind of an algorithm that can look for similar articles (something like the one used for 'suggested articles' on mobile), and then showing the categories those are in.

Copied from Community Wishlist Survey 2021/Categories/Automatically suggest categories when creating a new article.

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(awaiting T360188 for the correct #community-wishlist-survey-2021 tag)

One way I was thinking about this would require the page to be in at least one category, but then would suggest other categories based on the category membership of other pages in that category. They could be listed in order of page count, perhaps. For example: File:Unknown_artist_-_Fish_Bowl_-_1917.54_-_Cleveland_Museum_of_Art.jpg is in Category:Jade_bowls, as is File:Jade_bowl_national_museum_india.JPG. The latter is also in Category:Mughal_jade and so that could be suggested for the first file. (I'm not saying that'd be a good suggestion, just trying to explain the mechanism!)

This would be wiki agnostic and work on any MediaWiki install.

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it could be helpful if this feature could cover newly created article and existing article without any category as well.

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