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Session proposal for MediaWiki Users and Developers Conference
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Since this conference is happening in Portland OR, @egardner (who lives in that city) is able to attend.

The conference dates are April 17-19, 2024.

This conference is a good opportunity for DST to present the work we've been doing on Codex (and Vue, and related front-end modernization efforts) to the MediaWiki developer community. It will also be an opportunity for us to hear some feedback from volunteer developers to better learn how we can support them.

Session idea

Introducing Codex, the new Design System for Wikimedia
10 minute presentation on Codex, based on updated slides from previous staff meeting

From the event page:

The first two days of the conference will be reserved for presentations. The third day of the conference will be a Create Camp, which will include tutorials, hands-on presentations, and small group hacking sessions. Sessions for the Create Camp may be proposed in advance; sessions may also be added to the Create Camp as topics of interest are discovered during the presentation days. For other talks, the deadline to submit a proposal is March 22.

Maybe our presentation should happen at the start of the "Create Camp" portion of the event? In that case, we may want to expand the code section. @egardner
is also willing to run this as a 30 min workshop and provide hands on support to attendees (how to set up projects in ResourceLoader, how to use code splitting, how to use Vue.js inside of MediaWiki, etc).

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Resolving this for now as the session was accepted. Slides can be done in a separate task once @egardner returns.