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Page Assessments in Chinese Wikipedia's WikiProject Namespace not Displaying in Xtools
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What happens?:
In English Wikipedia, users can provide Page Assessments for WikiProject pages. For example, on this page, when checking Page Assessments for the Wikipedia page Special:PageAssessments of Wikipedia:WikiProject_China, it shows "Project." In Xtools, it displays as "Assessment: Project."

In the corresponding page on Chinese Wikipedia WikiProject:中国, when checking in Special:PageAssessments, its Page Assessments are "专题" (corresponding to "Project"). However, in Xtools, there is no indication of "Assessment."

Upon inspecting all Xtools statistics related to WikiProject Namespace, no field indicating "Assessment" is found.
In this page ,goto the WikiProject Namespace data it show

螢幕擷取畫面 2024-03-22 205313.png (627×761 px, 85 KB)

without any field indicating "Assessment";

but goto Wikipedia Namespace, "Assessment" field existed.

螢幕擷取畫面 2024-03-22 205649.png (621×761 px, 110 KB)

This implies that Page Assessments within the WikiProject Namespace in Chinese Wikipedia cannot be displayed correctly in Xtools.

What should have happened instead?:
Using case WikiProject:中国 as an example, it should display as "Assessment: 专题" or "Assessment: Project" in Xtools page.

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@MusikAnimal maybe add namespace 102 (T271612 , WikiProject namespace) to /x-tools/xtools/src/Model/PageAssessments.php#Line17 to resolve this problem?
(Note that WikiProject namespace in jawiki( T26852 ), kowiki( T29651 ), eswiki( T5736 ), eowiki( T22527 ), ckbwiki( T54665 ), T10077 ), their NSID are all 102)

Yeah that's the quick fix, but then it'd scan that namespace for all wikis (not really a problem, just redundant is all).

There are other namespaces we aren't including either when we could. I think what we should do is just always JOIN on the assessment data, and only show the column (or "Assessments" section, etc.) if there are results. That makes this more future-proof and agnostic to a project and its namespace configuration.

I think what we should do is [...]

@MusikAnimal Excuse me, could you please let me know if the work item you just proposed is something that can be addressed in the short term? The community is waiting for a solution, as this issue was raised in this thread. If it’s not possible, please let me know so I can report back to the community with specifics.

Let's do the quick fix, then. I'll try to get to it tonight.

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