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Catalyst API can enable the thanks extension
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AS an API users
GIVEN I have a valid API token
WHEN I POST /environments with the correct auth header, and the body

  "name": "mw-abcd1234",
  "chartName": "mediawiki",
  "values": {
    "mediawikiCore": {
      "ingress": ""
    "extensions": {
      "thanks": {
        "enable": true

THEN I should see mediawiki is deployed with latest commit on master with the thanks extension at its latest commit


TitleReferenceAuthorSource BranchDest Branch
allow enabling the `Thanks` extensionrepos/qte/catalyst/ci-charts!7jnucheT361521main
Customize query in GitLab

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Thanks extension was chosen pseudo-randomly as a small but representative use-case of production extensions. It may have unforeseen complications, so we should feel free to try a different extension as we develop this.

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