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Prepare MediaWiki and API for shared Elasticsearch indices
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Example which uses all patches from above:


  1. Create a new wiki if you don't have any existing ones
  2. Run the following only once (not per wiki) to initialize the shared indices:
export CLUSTER_NAME=default
  1. Run the following for each existing wiki (and any new wikis created prior to step 2) to create their aliases:
kubectl exec -it deployments/api-scheduler -- bash -c "php artisan job:dispatchNow ElasticSearchAliasInit {WIKI_ID}"

Event Timeline

Added some review but I'm sorry to say I had some questions which I guess need answering and looking at by someone (@Fring ?) next week while I'm out. I also made a short PR for some diagrams that I think describe the current simplified way we create ES indices. I wondered if adding to these for the new architecture (including creating both the shared indices and the aliases) would help communicate what this will look like:

There is review on all of the mentionend PRs, let me know if there are questions.