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Move release docs to the release pipeline repo
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Current Situation:

  • Our release docs describing what steps to follow when making a release live on a ticket. We therefore need to permanently copy the checklist over and over. This is not newbie-friendly, neither for someone who would like to make a release on their own nor for a potential new in-house teammate since they would have to know this piece of information (the fact that the documentation lives on a ticket), which is not trivial.
  • Also, we have now the situation that different release tickets have different checklists so someone would need to guess why that is and which one the source of truth is.


  • Move the release docs to a place where it stays as the clear source of truth. It needs to be accessible and editable.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • the newly defined and streamlines release docs live in the release pipeline repo

[optional] Notes:

[optional] Open Questions:

  • what happens with the long google doc? we are assuming it will be deprecated but need to be sure.

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jhsoby renamed this task from move release docs to the release piepeline repo to Move release docs to the release pipeline repo.Tue, Apr 2, 10:31 AM