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Add For User Badges (GSoC 2024)
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Profile Information

Name: Wickramasooriya J D A S
IRC nick: a.shehan
Web Profile:
LinkedIn Profile:
Location (country or state): Badulla, Sri Lanka
Typical working hours (include your timezone): Between 2 pm and 2 am (UTC +05:30)


The "Add for User Badges" project aims to incorporate user badges into a Wikimedia platform that is similar to the system used by Stack Overflow. The main objective of this feature is to increase user engagement, encourage positive contributions, and acknowledge the expertise and efforts of contributors within the Wikimedia community. This addition will enhance the interactive nature of the platform, and users will receive badges for their valuable contributions. The badges that are awarded will enrich the overall user experience and bolster the collaborative spirit of the system.

  • Possible Mentor(s): @Jdrewniak @bwang
  • Have you contacted your mentors already? Not yet.


WeekTasksHours Allocated
1Investigation: Research on existing badge systems10
Define badge categories and criteria
2Planning: Define project scope and requirements5
Set up development environment (JavaScript & PHP)
3Design: Create wireframes and user interface design10
4Development: Implement basic badge infrastructure20
Database setup and badge assignment logic (PHP)
5Development: Implement badge display on user profiles15
Begin testing badge assignment and display functionality
6Development: Fine-tune badge assignment and display logic15
Integrate with user activity tracking system (JavaScript)
7Testing: Conduct comprehensive testing of badge features15
Fix any bugs or issues identified during testing (JavaScript & PHP)
8Documentation: Write user and developer documentation10
Prepare for deployment
9Deployment: Deploy badge feature to production environment10
Conduct final testing in live environment
10Deployment: Monitor and ensure smooth operation of badges10
Evaluate user feedback and make necessary adjustments
11Finalize documentation and project wrap-up10
Conduct post-implementation review


  • Badge Design: Develop badge designs that align with Wikimedia's branding and community values.
  • Badge Criteria Documentation: Define clear criteria for earning each badge, ensuring transparency and fairness.
  • Badge Assignment System: Implement a system for assigning badges to users based on their contributions and achievements.
  • User Profile Integration: Integrate badge display functionality into user profiles, allowing users to showcase their badges.
  • Documentation: Prepare comprehensive documentation covering badge criteria, assignment process, and user interaction with badges.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Conduct thorough testing to ensure the badge system works as intended and is free of bugs or errors.
  • Deployment: Deploy the badge system to Wikimedia projects, ensuring smooth integration with existing infrastructure.
  • Final Evaluation

Other deliverables during the internship:

  • Blog posts on my progress every week.
  • Blog posts on my experience with WMF and/or FOSS-related topics at least once every two weeks.
  • Regular communication with my mentors and other community members at WMF.


I will efficiently manage the project using ClickUp. I plan to leverage its Kanban boards to organize tasks and ensure timely completion. Communication with mentors will be seamless as I will use both emails and Discord for quick and effective discussions. In case my mentors prefer other communication platforms, I will use those as well. Additionally, I will actively engage with the Wikimedia community on Zulip, tapping into its wealth of knowledge and support. For source control, I'll confidently share my code on GitHub. I have past experience with the platform which I will use to streamline collaboration and version control.

About Me

  • I am currently in my third year of pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Software Engineering at SLIIT, Sri Lanka. Throughout my academic journey, I have consistently maintained a GPA of 3.82, demonstrating my commitment to academics and my passion for technology.
  • I learned about the Google Summer of Code 2024 from a friend. Through my research, I discovered this project by the Wikimedia Foundation and became interested in contributing to it.
  • I am currently working on developing a Dairy Farm Management System using the MERN Stack. The project is set to be completed within the upcoming week. Additionally, I am committed to excelling in my college academics. I am currently able to balance both responsibilities perfectly.
  • I am currently fully focused on this Wikimedia Foundation's Google Summer of Code 2024 project.
  • I am excited to take on this project as it demonstrates what I have learned so far and represents a significant step forward for me. It is an excellent opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge into practice, gain valuable hands-on experience, and grow personally. Successfully completing this project will not only boost my confidence, but it will also provide a deep sense of fulfillment by contributing meaningfully to a project with global impact.

Past Experience

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