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🦮 Set page titles per page
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Currently all page titles on the fundraising app say Donation to free knowledge – Wikimedia Deutschland. This should be separate per page.

Web Accessibility Cookbook says:

The title must be unique and must describe the topic or purpose of each page concisely.

The title should be concise and should accurately describe the purpose of the page. It’s the first information a screen-reader user gets when they’re accessing a page. They don’t need a detailed summary of the page’s content, but a succinct description.

Accessibility for Everyone says:

Clear, simple, and concise language makes the most accessible text

W3C guide says:

For each web page, provide a short title that describes the page content and distinguishes it from other pages.

These titles should be describe the content of the current page in a more consise and clear way, for example:

  • Donation Form - Wikimedia Deutschland Fundraising
  • Membership Form - Wikimedia Deutschland Fundraising
  • FAQ - Wikimedia Deutschland Fundraising

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