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🦮 Add a title to the main logo graphic
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Currently it is the first focusable element on the page yet the graphic has no text description.

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this was changed to make the screenreader ignore the logo instead.
PR is merged and deployed at

@Tanuja_Doriya Maybe it's a Linux/Orca issue, but the logo element can still be reached using keyboard navigation.

Fix PR:

@kai.nissen Thank you for spotting the issue. I have fixed it now. Please let me know if it still does not behave as expected.

@kai.nissen An update, I decided that it'd be better to leave it be tabbable and to add some hidden text to the element as that seems to be the standard practice.

Okay, the changes that I made were:

  1. Main logo can not be reached by keyboard navigation
  2. Screen reader will read a 'title' of the organization

Abban commented above that we want to keep the logo tabbable. @kai.nissen Could you please write the final requirements in the ticket? So that there is no confusion later.