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[Session] Towards a Very Small GLAM entities solution
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  • Title of session : Towards a Very Small GLAM entities solution for o preserve and document cultural heritage effectively.
  • Session description: The concept of Very Small GLAM entities has been coined for the Small GLAM Slam pilot 1 project. The project goals comprise the development an open-source GLAM suite and recommendations on affordable, reliable hardware. The suite includes software such as unRAID OS with ZFS for data preservation, Wikibase and packaged software services. Also a preload of metadata for museology (ontologies and vocabularies) and a technical information collection in the form of linked open data and documents. This is related with the hacking sessions T363556 and T363555.
  • Username for contact: @Olea
  • Session duration: This could be a 10 minute presentation
  • Session type: presentation
  • Language of session: English
  • Prerequisites: GLAM wikimedians, Wikibase developers, etc
  • Interested? Add your username below:

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