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Mentor Dashboard: placement of "Send praise" module
Open, Needs TriagePublic


User story & summary:

As a Mentor, I want to see the more relevant modules "above the fold", so that I can quickly complete what I came to my Dashboard to do.

Background & research:

This task was suggested by Growth Ambassadors as a temporary change until improvements are made to the Sent praise module: T361763: [EPIC] Positive Reinforcement: second iteration of Personalized Praise



Open question:
  • Should the Send praise module be below the Settings module, or below Settings and Resources?
  • Should we work on this task, or the larger and more impactful task of making the dashboard module configuration customizable for the end user?
Acceptance Criteria:

Given I access Special:MentorDashboard,
When I view the modules in the right panel,
Then the order of the modules is: ___ at top & ___ at bottom.