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Update source attribution in IPInfo widgets
Open, Needs TriagePublic


IPInfo's infobox widget still attributes all data to MaxMind:

"ipinfo-source-geoip2": "The information shown here comes from the GeoIP2 databases from MaxMind. It might not be fully accurate."

but we've since also implemented IPoid (Spur) data and prioritize it over MaxMind data. We should update the disclaimer to include Spur or at least mention we're pulling from multiple sources. Additionally, as of T355393: Provide fallbacks when source is missing data, we won't be able to guarantee that any one property's value is being provided by any one provider. We should consider if we want to implement attribution on a per-property basis as well.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Decide how we want to cite our sources
  • Implement that