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Messages get reverted without any apparent reason
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Author: hemantbugzilla

On Sanskrit wikipedia ( This is second time in last two months that the corrected version of interface messages has been automatically replaced by previous (erroneous) version, from itself perhaps.
Though messages which have local copies on are intact.
This may be a problem from or from Mediawiki on sa.wikipedia, I cannot find out though. Please investigate and rectify this, because very interface messages if get collapsed then people cannot go ahead with the work smoothly.
e.g. this message: moved पृष्ठ फलकम्:सनातनशात्राणि से फलकम्:सनातनशास्त्राणि ‎is in English-Hindi blend; which was previously coming as (or like this):
फलकम्:सनातनशात्राणि इत्येतत् फलकम्:सनातनशास्त्राणि इत्येतत् प्रति चालितम्।
Plz try to correct it with its cause so that no repeated problem occurs.

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This is not a software bug. The right way to solve this is to complete the translation of messages in Every message that will be translated there, will be copied to the Sanskrit Wikipedia after about two days. If i understand correctly, the message you are asking about is logentry-move-move, but there are many others that are not translated, so such problems will happen again.

Here's a list of messages that you should translate:

There are many untranslated messages there, but many of them are actually translated locally in the Sanskrit Wikipedia, so you can just copy them to Here are the messages that are already translated or modified locally on the Sanskrit Wikipedia:

See a blog post that explains more about it here:

Please let me know if you don't know how do this.

hemantbugzilla wrote:

Thanks Mr. Amir E. Aharoni for this elaborate reply. Actually I have been translating most of those msgs on trwiki, but later decided to do it on locally, because in Sanskrit many technical words have several versions of synonym and if i do it on trwiki, it has its own userbase, which may change it thus effecting understandability of interface for our userbase on To keep it standard I have translated on
But the message i have cited above was actually translated on by me which has now got regressed to previous version for reasons unknown to me (even this assertion is my conjecture since i am not seeing 'history' tab on trwiki msgs to verify it).
Anyway, if you suggest so, i can copy all local msgs to trwiki also, but can u suggest me a shortcut method for mass copying in this way, since otherwise i will have to do equal labor for these already translated msgs also (to port them to trwiki). With Regards.

hemantbugzilla wrote:

FYI, My username on trwiki is 'Hemant wikikosh1' and on sa.wikipedia it is 'Hemant wikikosh'.

hemantbugzilla wrote:

Please try to solve this problem.

Hemant, there's nothing to solve. You can solve it yourself by fixing the translations in and cleaning up the messages in sa.wikipedia.