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Logged in users should be able to edit even if using a blocked IP
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Currently, logged in users are not able to edit pages if they use an IP that has
been blocked (unless the account is blocked, of cause). This behavious seems
broken, as blocking IPs is usually directed at an anonymouse vandal or similar.
Especially with the new blocking system for anonymising proxies in place, false
positives can block legitimate, logged in users.

I belive it would be best if people using a blocked IP would be able to log in
and edit normally, at least if they already have a few edits. Account creation
should ne be possible from a blocked IP, and new users should maybe also be
blocked if accessing from a blocked IP.

This way, anonymous vandals can be blocked effectively, even if they are using
anonymising proxies, without hindering legitimate users too much. Creation of
short-lived vandal accounts should not be possible, either.

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: enhancement



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