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"ca" name in Names.php needs update
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Author: peleguer

"ca" name should include "Valencià" like this:

'ca' => 'Català-Valencià', # Catalan-Valencian

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Quote from

<< Since Valencian is the same language as Catalan, both names can be
used almost interchangeably, with "Catalan" emphasising the pan-Catalan
nature of the language, and "Valencian" emphasising local features. >>

I dont think we have to change it, just as brazilian is almost portugese
or the french used in Quebec is almost french :)

peleguer wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)
If you read carefully that articles in wikipedia, you will know that there is
and endless debate about the name of the language at english wikipedia, spanish,
and valencian.

The quote you write is just one of several valid opinions about this subject.
Understand I don't want to give you a lot of arguments against that quote
because I would be continuing that endless debate here.

Just to say that besides all that opinions, there are the official names of the
language: -"català" in Catalonia and Balears supported by laws and Institut
d'Estudis Catalans
-"valencià" in Valencia supported by laws and Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua

So I think these are arguments enough to include "valencian" as a name of the
language. Please don't give examples of langugages that have no comparision with
catalan-valencian. Portuguese is the same language that Galician (in its
origin). There is one wikipedia for each language and it would be absurd having
one called Galaico-Portugues (the linguistic name, but not the official nor the
real). Please, apply that example: catalan is the linguistic name, but the
official and real names are catalan and valencian.

Thank you.

avarab wrote:

If they're both valid wouldn't "Català / Valencià" be better?

robchur wrote:

This is *not* a high priority fix so please don't fiddle with those two fields;
they're for developer use, basically.

Just my two cents: as a Portuguese speaker I disagree with the fact of comparing
Catalan/Valencian with Portuguese/Galician. Portuguese and Galician have a common
branch until the 14th century since when it is established that they are
different enough to be considered 2 different languages (not even dialects). I
don't understand Galician. I try to read the Wikipedia in Galician and I find
much easier to understand the Spanish (Castillian) one. There are almost 700
years of language differences. This is something I believe the Catalans and
Valencians don't struggle with. Solely my opinion with all it's worth.

peleguer wrote:

There's an organization, "Organització pel multilingüisme", that have a proposal
about "Català / Valencià" denomination. By now, the web site is only in
Valencian, but they're preparing translations.

The link to the proposal is:

xaviersmp wrote:

Is it possible to vote against this change??

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