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Minimum version of MySQL
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Author: christophe.jaillet


documentation about minimum requirement of MySQL for version 1.19 is not clear.

--> for 1.19, 4.0.X is enough

--> for 1.19, 4.0.X is enough

*but* INSTALL file within mediawiki-1.19.0.tar.gz

--> ** MySQL 5.0.2 or higher

Could it be clarified and updated where necessary ?

Thx in advance.

Version: 1.19
Severity: minor



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Its a wiki -- you can fix it!

But don't worry about it, I changed it.

christophe.jaillet wrote:

I know it's a wiki, the question was in fact what is the correct information in order to fix it at the right place.

christophe.jaillet wrote:

BTW, the 2nd link ( still states that
"MediaWiki requires PHP 5.2.3+ and either MySQL 4+"

but this page can not be updated. :(