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Article Feedback - CTA 4: Join the community
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We will adapt the current version of this CTA from AFT v4, with only minor changes to the wording, as well as look and feel.

To be fleshed out when we are ready to develop.

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Created attachment 10740
Mockup of CTA4 - Join the community

Here is the proposed copy and layout for this CTA 4 (Join the community), as shown in the attached mockup.

The copy would say:

"Join our community
Sign up or log in, so editors can respond to your feedback.
This makes it easier to share what you know on Wikipedia.

[ Create an account ] or [ Log in ] Maybe later"

The functionality will be the same as for the AFT4 widget, but the look and feel will match other new CTAs, using dark blue buttons with arrows against light blue background (instead of green on gray).

See attached mockup for more visual details.

Also note that this CTA should only be shown if the user is not logged in. If the user is already logged in, show them another CTA, such as CTA1, CTA2 OR CTA5.


This has been completed. Pushed to Gerrit ( and prototype (needs to be pulled on prototype server to be visible though - awaiting permissions to do this myself)

Can be tested on prototype at
Can you give us the percentages that should see this CTA vs another one? (or only this one?)

Created attachment 10768
Screenshot of Login page after clicking on Article Feedback CTA4

Thanks, Matthias!

The CTA4 looks good on my browsers, thank you!

The only issue I found is that if I log in through this CTA on the prototype, then want to return to the Golden-crowned sparrow page, clicking on the link on the 'Login successful' page ('Golden-crowned Sparrow?c=641' link, see attached screenshot) takes me to this weird URL asking me to edit the page:

I don't know if you control this at all, but I would have expected the system to send me back to the article page that I started with, at this URL: