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Can't selectively undelete revisions with same timestamp
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While importing something went wrong: The last 10 revs were imported twice. Of course I tried to delete them (revdel). But this always looks like hiding something from the normal user and just creates curiosity. Therefore I deleted the whole page and attempted to restore only some of the revisions (the non-dupe ones). This didn't work. Even when selecting only one revision to undelete, the revision by the same user&timestamp are undeleted.

Timestamp based revision deleting (evidence, HTML excerpt: <input type="checkbox" value="1" name="ts20111227115020">) and restoring should be banned from MediaWiki. This should work ID-based. This also for image-revision deleting/restoring.

Feel free to split or retarget this bug, as you like.

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With the new behavior for moving pages over redirects, this bug definitely needs to be fixed. When page A is moved to B, then page B is moved back to A and page A is deleted, both the null edit and the redirect creation resulting from the move from A to B would appear in the deleted edits of page A and, with rare exceptions, would usually have the same timestamp. You wouldn't want the redirect creation to be undeleted, but due to this bug, undeleting the null edit would force the redirect creation to be undeleted as well. Since revision 748614368 of page Tahli, Dasuya on Wikipedia was not undeleted, this implies that revision 748614368 cannot have the same timestamp as revision 748614367, making it one of the rare exceptions.

Change 337213 had a related patch set uploaded (by GeoffreyT2000):
Use revision ids instead of timestamps for undeletion

Change 337213 abandoned by GeoffreyT2000:
Use revision ids instead of timestamps for undeletion

PageArchive has been moved to its own separate file. Besides, I do not know how to fix everything here, so I am abandoning this for now.

Side effect to this: both revisions are shown on Special:Undelete (with correct summary and tags), but clicking on one timestamp always leads to the same text.

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